Thursday, January 21, 2010

Article Reflections

Our group discussed the articles we each had looked up for this assignment and I wrote down some of the things that stood out to me. The first was in regards to drug testing and how some companies have gotted in big trouble for handling it in the wrong way or making a drug user known to the wrong people, which violates privacy. Also, companies should have a policy in place, and people should know the procedures very clearly when handling this topic.

Another that I had never thought about was the process an employeer can go through to get information about a specific job applicant from their previous employeer. We discussed that nothing but general questions can be asked without being in risk for a lawsuit. The information you seek can only be in the form of basic questions like, "would you hire this person again?", or "would there be anything about this person that would prohibit them from doing a job here?"

Aside from the articles, I found the class discussion on Amendments and Laws regarding HR to be very enlightening and helped me realize just how delicate and complex HR really is, and you really got to be careful with what you say and do or it could end up in court.

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