Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 4 Reflection

Our group discussed issues related to chapter 4, including efficiency and job satisfaction. Where exactly does a business need to draw the line when it comes to managers getting bonuses for increasing performance, when it can lead to the employees leaving the job because of poor satisfaction and becoming overwhelmed?

Also we talked about job descriptions and how important they are for HR. Poor job descriptions can lead to confusion, and conflict when employees are not sure what they are expected to do, or what authority they have to made decisions. It reminded me of a position I had at a health food store in which I knew the basic job I needed to get done, but was not informed about how much authority I had to make decisions that would come up on the spot. Also, it was only assumed that I was in a "manager" position even by the Owner of the store, but never was included in manager bonuses or invited to manager meetings. In a nutshell, I was confused on where I stood within the organization because there was no job description for my position.

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