Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chapter 10 Reflection

Discipline on the job was the main topic of our groups discussion. We were all in agreement or had experienced situations in our jobs where there was poor management of discipline to employees who break the rules and regulations of employment.

It seems to me that some managers/employers do not treat all employees the same when it comes to discipline. Two employees that break the rules should have the same consequence, however sometimes if one is more "liked" the punishment tends to be less. For example at my job we had a person that consistantly was late, and would joke around with the manager about it. He never really got more then a reminder here and there to be on time. On the other hand there was an employee that was not late everyday, but sometimes would have a hard time getting there on time. He was given three chances, and on the third late day, he was fired.

Obviously this could have turned out very badly if the fired employee had taken legal action for unfair treatment. It just shows me how important it is to make sure that policies are in place, and the consequences are carried out regardless of how well the employee is liked.

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