Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chapter 7 Discussion

Concept and brief description:

On the job training is the method many companies use to bring employees up to the standards they require for effective productivity. There are two types of on the job training, Apprenticeship, and internship. Apprenticeship is where a new inexperienced worker basically follows around another person who is very experienced, and learns how they do their job so well, these are typically hands-on labor and crafting, stuff you can’t really learn without just doing it. Internship is similar, except that it is sponsored by an educational institution as a component of an academic program; this is more used for technical and higher-level thinking jobs like doctors, lawyers, and accountants.

Emotional hook (provocative question/ claim/real-life problem):

This topic relates to me currently because I have to choose between taking two more classes or finding an internship in the summer. Although two classes seems like the easy way out, I think an internship will be the wisest choice in the end, because experience is always better than just having the information out of a textbook.

Key points to elicit in discussion

Regulations, procedures, and success of internships

Facilitative questions

• What kinds of internships have members of the group had or are interested in?
• How would one go about asking a company if they will take an intern?
• Beneficial or not?

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