Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chapter 7 Reflection

Our group pretty much all had discussion topics of on the job training and how they can be effective or ineffective. Sometimes a company's training staff feel like they need to train just to keep busy so they don't look like their job is worthless. But as an employee, one of our group members said that it's just annoying being trained over and over on things you already know.

Someone mentioned that the rate at which companies hire outside sources for training their employees was like 70%. That is a huge number of companies that don't take responsibility to train their own employees. The instructor said it is because they lack a solid strategic plan. Some of the students said that it can sometimes be justified when either the training is for a new product that the company has no idea how to train about, or if the training is needed by an outside regulatory firm to get certified, such as getting certified as a car mechanic.

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